Bridal Makeup Artists in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Bridal Makeup Artist in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Florida

Bridal Makeup Artist in Fort Lauderdale and MiamiThere are so many details that go into planning your BIG DAY and one of the most important is your bridal makeup look! Some of our brides know exactly the look they are going for and others may struggle making this decision because they do not wear much makeup or any makeup at all on a daily basis and have no idea what bridal makeup look would suite them best.

Divine Beauty Artists’s team of bridal makeup artists in Miami and Fort Lauderdale can help you make the right decision for your wedding makeup.

With so many options these days via social media, our first suggestion with this process would be to start looking at bridal makeup inspiration photos to see what looks you gravitate towards. Look at photos of women that have your same skin tone and eye color. Look at the lip colors and eyeshadow palette they are wearing. Based on your eye color there are specific shadow combos that will bring that color out even more and help to make your eyes pops. For instance browns and golds enhance blue eyes, purples enhance gold or hazel eyes, purples and greens enhance brown eyes and burgundy, plum and gold enhance green eyes.

Consider whether or not you would like to wear lashes. We can use individual lashes or customize a strip lash to specifically and comfortably fit your eye.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to do conventional or airbrush makeup. Both foundations provide a beautiful and flawless finish. However if you tend to sweat or be on the oilier sides of things, airbrush would be the way to go. It provides a water, oil and sweat-proof finish that lasts all day and night and does not need be touched up.

If you will be in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas before your big day, we suggest a bridal makeup trial. Please provide us a detailed description of your daily makeup routine, products that you use regularly, and any sensitivities to certain ingredients. This will help us to have a full understanding of the overall situation. If you have ever gotten your makeup done before and realized there were certain things that you really liked or disliked, let us know!

Our makeup artists, all based in the Miami and South Florida area, will take the info you provided, combine it with their expertise and knowledge of color theory, the latest trends, your inspiration photos, your skin-tone and face shape and customize the most perfect bridal makeup look for you!

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