Airbrushed Makeup Stylist in Miami and Fort Lauderdale FL

Airbrushed Makeup Artist in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida

Airbrushed Makeup Artist in Fort Lauderdale and MiamiDo you desire to look effortlessly flawless on your BIG DAY? Do you tend to sweat? Is your skin naturally on the oily side? Would it make you happy to not have to worry about touching up your wedding day makeup? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, airbrush makeup is the way to go!

Our airbrushed makeup artists in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas are skilled in the airbrushed makeup techniques. Airbrush makeup is specially formulated to be water, oil and sweat proof with no need for touchups throughout the day or night. It is sprayed on the face, neck and décolleté in a very fine mist through an airbrush gun. Applied in conjunction with the appropriate primer for your skin type and topped off with the perfect finishing powder, airbrush makeup is built to last! Many brides report back to us how well the airbrush makeup held up through the events of their wedding day, including humidity, sweating, and dancing, and that they loved the airbrush makeup! In many cases, they did not want to wash it off so they slept in it and it was still perfect the entire next day.

If applied correctly, the airbrush makeup should feel like a "second" skin. It should not feel cakey, heavy, or too drying. Airbrush makeup is the best choice for a flawless, long lasting wedding makeup look that makes you feel like a radiant queen!


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